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Hi, I'm Adam Snetiker. I help companies succeed by producing great content for them and for their clients.

Adam Snetiker's Bio:

Adam Snetiker is a full-time Content Management Specialist who produces and designs marketing content for financial professionals. He has a passion for eye-catching, jaw-dropping design. Whether it's a picture, building, product, package, logo or something else, anything that stands out to stops Adam dead in his tracks. It's the only thing that takes away every bit of stress, and slows life down enough for him to stop worrying about everything. The moment something really jumps out, that's the only thing in focus. Adam really wants to do work that has the same effect on other people.

Adam is a lifelong learner and avid fan of cutting-edge technology, as it applies to anything visual. He is also interested in sustainability, especially in the fields of green building and energy. In his free time, he has recently started pursuing the LEED Green Associate credential in order to further explore these interests.

Adam Snetiker's Experience:

  • Content Management Specialist at Vantage Production

    I turn plain written text into the finished products that go directly to our members, and manage the multimedia content associated with each one. My role includes coding and formatting templates, email and web pages using HTML and CSS; creating and editing images, audio and video; optimizing the look of social media posts for pieces that are shared; and updating our automated marketing campaigns to make sure each release goes out at the correct time. Finally, I create and send notifications to keep members updated on what’s new and inform them of completed releases for them to approve and use.

  • Freelance QC at Trailer Park

  • DVD Author / Production Assistant / Production Artist at icandy interactive

  • Scanner / Animator Compositor at Nickelodeon Animation Studios

  • Web Developer at Datacube

Adam Snetiker's Education:

  • Indiana University

    Bachelor of Science in Informatics
    Concentration: Informatics, Telecommunications, Business
    Activities: Indiana University Student Association - His senior year, Adam Snetiker was a congressman in IU's student government, representing the School of Informatics

Adam Snetiker's Interests & Activities:

- Creative problem solving - Jaw-dropping, eye-catching design - Useful, relevant content - Attending and watching sporting events - Cooking great meals - Laughing at hilarious comedians - Hi-tech cars of the present and future - Investing and watching my portfolio grow - Recording and producing musical content - Listening to Internet radio and podcasts - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

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